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Well... it's more "me" than "us" so when I say "us" I shout out to the guys at EightOneSix (huge `thank you`-s for them) who I collaborate with.
...and now let's get back to me. Having 10 years of experience in the domain of Web Development and the continuous seeking for challenging projects helped me to obtain advanced skills as a back-end and front-end developer using HTML / CSS / JS Angular / Node / PHP / MySQL.
Local and international clients have recognized the projects I took part of over these years.

Already getting bored huh' ? Yeah, me too... copied the above from my LinkedIn profile...

So here is the short version: I worked my ass off even as a student doing my own projects besides working at smaller / bigger companies like Claus Web, `The Porn Industry`, Endava and Porsche Engineering (yes I had the luck to drive some Porsches). During these years I became a bad ass full stack `hackerman`... I know a hell lot of things and I will try to present the result of this knowledge via this website in the most interesting / non-boring way possible.

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  • Front end

    Front End Stuff

    From simple presentation pages to complicated webshops, dream it, we create dreams taking care of today's standards

  • Back end

    Back End Stuff

    You have a front end? you surely need a stable back end too with all kind of bling bling (probably an optimized DataBase too)

  • SEO

    SEO Stuff

    Using the best techniques on the market we can help you with all kind of stuff related to Search Engine Optimization

Stuff we createdA.K.A the portfolio

More stuff will be added here soon, promise!

Useful stuffA.K.A the blog

Since good SEO websites need a blog some useful stuff (blog posts) about how we managed to resolve challenging situations with creative solutions will be added here soon...

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Any question? Feel free to contact me.
Worst case I will ignore your message and you'll end up with a sh**ty website made by others.

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