Simple PHP color palette generator

Simple PHP color palette generator Study Case
Imagine a product website with thousands of products, allowing users to search by main color from a given palette (users usually search for red, white black... not all kind of sub shades). This plugin will help you analyze the picture and grab the dominant colors close to a predefined set of colors.
Most of the similar generators get all the colors from all the picture, this one will try to get the dominant "interior" colors (because some times a picture can have colors in the background that mess up the script) and estimate the dominant ones.
This plugin can be integrated easily into any website product (image) upload module to detect product dominant colors for later filtering

- set predefined color library
- get all colors from pictures and order by importance
- get all colors from picture interior (product) and order by importance
- get all colors from picture exterior (background) and order by importance
- debug all colors


If the background is mono color and product does not contain that color detection should be very accurate.

Negative points:

If the background contains all kind of random colors (as the product itself) the detection will not be that accurate.

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